Installing Pixel Experience on Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G

Let me introduce my story of using Custom ROM. Last few years ago, I ‘m planning to buy new phone, cuz of my old one is too old and laggy. So I was planning to buy new one, checking review and comparison of some phones specifications in details that will match my requirements. Finally, I chose only 2 phones : the first is One Plus 3 and the second is Xiaomi Mi5s. Honestly, I want to buy One Plus 3 cuz of feedbacks and it came with AMOLED (other specs are mostly the same ), but my budget is not enough to buy it at this time. So I bought Xiaomi Xiaomi Mi5s. It came with Chinese rom, I used it 1 month as the testing, after that I felt, China rom is not smooth as I expected and it worked some background sync, battery drain, etc. I changed it to Global and start testing again. At this time, I felt Global rom is better( no more bloat wares) Google Apps , etc. But I don’t feel it’s perfect.I don’y want to stay on MIUI.

Finally, I decided to start my adventure journey to find the custom rom that will fit my requirement. Firstly, I found lineageOS, that based on AOSP, so I dived into lineage rom and porting it to my Mi5s. When my Mi5s is running on LineageOS , it fit my requirements, rom is pure AOSP, fast and smooth, but unfortunately on audio and video testing, both of its not work well at this time. In LineageOS, google apps are not included as default, you have to flashed as additional. Then, after that I found my real love, Pixel Experience.

With Pixel Experience, you don’t need to flash Google Apps, it included as default.Come with Pixel Launcher, Google Phone, pixel animations, ringtones, and other pixel related things. At the first impression, you can feel Pixel is on your hand.After overall testing, it is 100% fit to me. So , my adventure journey end here. Now, my Mi5s got a retirement from my dev life cuz of battery problems. At this time to buy new one, I chose Redmi K30 5G.

Pixel Experience for Redmi K305G is not an official build now, hope to official soon.

Now, I will brief describe installing Pixel Experience on Redmi K30 5G.To install a custom rom, you should have some experiences on ADB commands, Bootloader unlock and custom recoveries ( TWRP and OFRP ).

Installing custom rom process may face unexpected problem, so please do as your own risk.

At first, if your phone is running on china rom, please change it to EU ROM, (build 21.4.29 EU or higher), we have to install this EU as base rom.

Download Pixel Experience for Redmi K305G, PE comes with two variants :

# Normal Edition ( Download )

# Plus Edition ( Download )

Plus Edition has some more customisations, so you can choice as you like.

Download custom recovery , I prefer to Orange Fox Recovery Project( OFRP ), you can also use Team Win Recovery Project ( TWRP )

Please make sure your device is unlocked bootloader. If these steps are ready, we are almost perfect for preparation.

Enable USB debugging and plug your phone to computer with USB cable.

type this ADB command to go fastboot mode :

adb reboot bootloader

now, you will see Mi Bunny in device screen, device is in fastboot mode. Check make sure device detect to computer with this command :

fastboot devices

When device shows in fastboot mode, we will flash custom recovery

fastboot flash recovery [your_recovery_file.img]

Want to make sure type fastboot flash recovery in terminal window and drag & drop recovery img file into terminal. After recovery flash success, boot into recovery mode.

fastboot boot [your_recovery_file.img]

Now, you device boot into custom recovery mode.

PE file in OFRP recovery

If you haven’t install EU based rom, install it via recovery mode. Before installation, clean these steps in recovery mode, it is necessary not to face with boot-loop or unexpected problems.

Wipe Data

Wipe Cache

Wipe Dalvik Cache

Copy EU rom file to sdcard and click zip file into install. After EU rom installation success, don’t boot into any mode and install Pixel Experience rom asap.

Flash Pixel Experience

After Pixel Experience installation success, just make a Factory Data Reset or Format Data. Then Reboot to System. Wait for a while may be 5 to 10 mins, device boot with Google Logo,Pixel Animation and show some setup instructions with lovely animation. Now, it is time to celebrate.

Pixel Experience running on Redmi K30 5G

Redmi K30 5G didn’t get the Official Build, if you want for other device, please check in this Telegram channel.

Known Issues :

  1. Network Speed not included in this build, hope to come soon.
  2. Default Camera crashes in sometimes, so I installed a new Google Cam, which is perfect to use it.

Finally, these known issues can be ignored and replaced with other apps. Now, I ‘m falling in ❤️ with Pixel Experience.

Note: It is officially came out from Pixel Experience website.

Reference :

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